Our Kickboxing Programme Will Help You Form Healthy Habits!

Kickboxing is an intense, fast-paced, engaging workout that will bring you closer to your fitness goals! Every kick and punch brings you closer to your best shape ever. Not only that, you get to learn awesome self-defence moves too! Join us and: 

  • Attain the body of your dreams while having fun
  • Discover rapid leg-kicks, powerful punches, and quick moves 
  • Strengthen motivation, self-control, and self-discipline
  • Get courageous to face life's unexpected challenges

Never Boring, Just Pure Action-Packed Workouts!

Our kickboxing programme has it all: cardio, heart-strengthening, stress relief, weight loss, weight management, muscle-building, and more! All of these are possible with just one Kickboxing class. Imagine what it can do if you keep consistent and trust the process! So sign up right now and:

  • Burn at least 600 calories in just one workout
  • Release pent-up energy and get a good sweat 
  • Build endurance, stamina, and control 
  • Strengthen your core, upper, and lower body
  • Acquire practical self-defence skills and techniques